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Will my horse enjoy the massage and how will I know?

Yes, most horses love their massage. The horse's personal signs of pleasure from massage are visible signs of relaxation such as deeper breathing, sleepiness, lowering of the neck, yawning, licking, chewing and closing eyelids. When the horse experiences release from tension or pain, the horse will often lean or stretch into the therapists massage application.  

What will happen on my horse's first massage consultation? 

Before the massage can start, a complete history of your horse will be taken including previous treatments, injuries, lifestyle and working disciplines. I would like to see the horse in walk and trot up, this can be done either in hand, ridden or lunged, this will help the conformation assessment and gait analysis. A tack assessment will also be done. This will help with the overall assessment of your horse and help to decide which massage will be most suited for your horse. 

After the massage complimentary stretches will be applied to create muscle and tendon flexion and enhance elasticity. 

A full case report will be created after every treatment