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What is Equine Massage Therapy?

Equine Massage Therapy is a generic and collective term that refers to the intellectual manipulation of the varied layers of soft tissue structures that lay beneath the horse's skin. Different massage techniques are used for detection, resolution and healing of various malfunctions present within specific body tissues and structures. 

What are the benefits of Equine Massage Therapy?

There are several benefits of equine massage therapy, both physiological and psychological. 

Physiological benefits of Equine Massage Therapy:

Equine Massage Therapy plays an active role in helping to maintain the working and retired horse, both young and old. As well as serving to enhance and maintain the tone, flexibility, strength and power of the horse's neuro-muscular system, the body organs and working systems also benefit from enhanced levels of working ability, performance and stamina. 

Psychological benefits of Equine Massage Therapy?

Selected equine healing massage techniques, applications and routines are particularly effective in treating the emotional needs of the horse, actively working to address and re balance emotional distress.  

Equine Remedial Massage

Equine Remedial Massage therapy is used to detect and treat deep layered muscular malfunctions. Remedial = Intent to rectify and/ or Improve the restoration of health.

Equine Remedial Massage therapy works with superficial muscular structures, deep muscular structures, superficial and deep tendon attachments and superficial and deep ligament structures. 

Sports Massage

Sports massage is used to detect immediate, referred, suspected and/ or compensatory muscular, tendon and/ or ligament malfunctions.

It creates immediate treatment and relief.

Sports Massage works with the superficial muscle layer, superficial tendon attachments and superficial ligament structures.

Healing Equine massage Therapy

Healing Equine Massage Therapy provides immediate and progressive healing in both Physiological and emotional form. 

It works with the superficial muscle structures, the nervous system, Chakras and Meridians.


I, Barbara Dreyer, am a Registered Equine Massage Therapist. I work within my duty of care at all times. My area of expertise is the horses muscular system and its corresponding physiological effects. I have been trained to evaluate, locate and treat muscles and muscular related conditions. I am not a veterinary surgeon and I will always recommend that a horse be referred back to its vet should I deem this necessary if its condition is outside any area of my professional field. 

Why book a massage?

Equine Massage Therapy is a gentle, but effective medical treatment, which will benefit all types of horses. 

The intellectual application of Equine Massage Therapy seeks out areas of muscular malfunction to eradicate their negative influences; helping to restore the horse back to physiological health and well-being.